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Founded in 1953, China Academy of Building Research (CABR) is the largest and most diverse research institution in building industry in China. It used to be affiliated to the Ministry of Construction (MOC). Since 1 October 2000, it transferred from the public institution into a technology-based enterprise, affiliated to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). As the largest comprehensive research and development institute in the building industry in China, CABR carries out its mission in catering to the needs of building and construction industries nationwide, putting forward solutions for the key technical problems met in engineering based on applied research and development, providing technical development and consulting services, and undertaking building design and construction activities. It carries out common, basic and public technical researches required in this industry. CABR is responsible for the development and management of the major engineering construction and product standards of China. It exercises quality supervisions and tests on engineering construction, air conditioning equipment, solar water heater, elevator and chemical building materials ......
Institute of Building Structures
Institute of Foundation Engineering
Beijing Institute of Construction Mechanization
Institute of Earthquake Engineering
Institute of Building Environment and Energy Efficiency (IAC, IBP)
Institute of Information Technology
Institute of Building Materials
Institute of Building Fire Research
Shenzhen Branch Institute
Shanghai Branch Institute
CABR Construction Engineering Testing Center
CABR Research and Development Center
CABR Scientific and Technological Cadres Training Center
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